नयाँ सफा घरको खोजी by Sneha Shrestha

Naya safa ghar by Sneha Shrestha

नयाँ सफा घरको खोजी is the winner of best children’s book 2066. The book written and illustrated by Sneha Shrestha is a easy read and imparts an important message of keeping our environment clean.

The beauty of the book is in its simplicity and animated characters (cow, monkey, frog, bird). Children will find the book a good read. The illustrations take up most of the pages and the text is big. The book is a laudable effort by a young writer.

नयाँ सफा घरको खोजी is published by Kathalya Publication. The editor of the book is Victor Pradhan. It costs 75 Nrs.

Image source: BhatBhateni Online