नवक्षितिज: आशाका किरण – संस्कृति बुझौं, सद्भावना बढाऔं

Special event at St. Xavier's College

Our team is participating in the नवक्षितिज: आशाका किरण event tomorrow at St. Xavier’s college.

Universal Solidarity Movement (USM) in association with Alumni of St. Xavier’s College is organizing this special event. The event is being organised with the goal of raising funds for supporting the earthquake affected schools of Dolakha district.

Nepali Bytes has a book stall where you can buy exclusive titles at reasonable rates. Part of the sales of the books goes to the fundraising. Each book purchase includes a Nepali Bytes book bag made out of lokta paper. Do visit our stall at the event for more items and information.

Tickets are available for all Xavierians and Alumni. Limited tickets will be available for outsiders via pre-booking. More details can be found on the event Facebook page-https://www.facebook.com/events/1131133746904841/

Image source-Event Facebook page