“माटो र मन” by Sahadev Poudel

Mato ra Maan by Sahadev Poudel

We are excited to say that Sahadev Poudel, a theatre & radio artist will soon be releasing his self published anthology of Nepali poetry titled “माटो र मन”. He is the creator of Himali Sworharu.

On World Book Day, Sahadev announced on Himali Sworharu’s Facebook page that his first anthology of Nepali poetry “माटो र मन” will be published this Spring. This is an exciting initiative by Sahadev who has been active in the Nepalese literature community in New York City for quite some time. He has run some successful programs such as Katha Sansar~कथा संसार,सुन्ने कथाहरुको संग्रह, Jeeban Yatra Anubhab~जीबन यात्रा अनुभब,बिभिन्न व्यक्तित्वहरुको जीबन कथा उहाहरुकै स्वरमा
, Srijanaka Swoharu~सृजनाका स्वरहरु,कविता,गीत,गज़ल, सके सम्म सर्जकहरुकै आवाजमा and Aaroh Abaroh to name a few.

Sahadev shared on Twitter that his book will be launching in mid April in a non-traditional way. It will be available on Amazon & when possible he will do book tours.

Recently, he also shared his experience on Setopati on publishing from abroad. You can read it here प्रवासबाट पुस्तक: रहर मात्रै

Cover design: Haree Lamichhane
Photograph: Ashok Pant
Image source: Himali Sworharu Facebook page