लेखक संग ५ प्रश्न – Subarna Prasad Acharya

Which Nepali book do you wish you had written?
I wish I had written “Jaya Bhudi” of Bhairav Aryal. I love his writing style: bold, free, vividly rich, expressive, and unrestricted (within the bounds of literature, of course).

What Nepali book do you want to see a movie of?
“Shirishko Phool” from Parijat. I would very much love to see its characters come alive on screen.

Which writer would you like to be for one day, if given a chance?
Perhaps I could turn myself into Orhan Pamuk; to study the dichotomy of life we all face, such as the good and the bad, the east and the west, and so on, and then to write a book from the mid-line perspective, to come to a balanced view of life, one might say.

What is your favorite holiday destination?
Among the places I have been, I love the lake-sides of Pokhara in the late afternoon and in the evening. The scenery is different every-time I am there.

What do you dream of being if you were not a writer?
Writing has provided me with an outlet for my innermost expressions. If, somehow, I lost that ability to express myself, then perhaps I would either be dead or turn myself into a photographer (which, I already am, albeit in a different light).