14th Conversations featuring Prof. Lok Raj Baral with Sudheer Sharma

Conversations with Sudheer Sharma and Professor Lok Raj Baral at Nepal Bharat Library

Embassy of India Kathmandu and B.P. Koirala India-Nepal Foundation will hold 14th edition of Conversations on February 21, 2014. This Conversations will feature Prof Lok Raj Baral with Sudheer Sharma.

Sudheer Sharma’s book Prayogshala: Nepali Sankraman ma Delhi, Darbar ra Maobadi has received wide acclaim. He has been part of several talks regarding the book including Martin Chautari’s Mangalbare Discussion Series

The Conversations event will take place at Nepal Bharat Library in the Nepal Airlines Building, New Road Gate. It starts at 4pm and seats are on a first come first serve basis.

Here is a clip from the 13th edition of Conversations with Prof. Tulasi Diwasa and Dr. Abhi Subedi

Here is a clip from Conversations with Nayan Raj Pandey and Buddhi Sagar

Image source: Nepal Bharat Library Facebook page