5 Audio books of popular Nepali Books : Listen Free

Free Nepali Audio Books

These are the list of books collected from Youtube.

(Disclaimer: Please contact the corresponding Youtube Channel For copyright issues)


1 . Palpasa Cafe: Narayan Wagle

A Madan Puraskar Winning Novel and one of the most beloved among Nepali readers.

2.  Summer Love : Subin Bhattarai

A very popular novel among youths. A great book to start your reading habit.

3.  Saaya ( Summer Love sequel) : Subin Bhattarai

A sequel to Summer love , it was one of the most awaited books before release.

4.  Karnali Blues : Buddhi Sagar


Karnali Blues, Buddhi Sagar’s First Novel and a crowd Favourite.

5. Pagal Basti : Sharubhakta

Sharubhakta is one of the most critically acclaimed writer and a living legend of Nepali Literature and Pagal basti is one of his great creations.

Please let us know your favourite Novels.