5 Popular books to Read for Starters in Nepali Literature

1. Palpasa Cafe


Palpasa cafe has a very intriguing storyline. Narayan Wagle does magic with his writing here. It is from the Maoist insurgency period. You will immediately fall in love with this book right from the start.  It will give you a package of experience ranging from love, dreams, interesting conversations, fear and a lot more.



“Loo” is one of the finest work in Nepali literature, set in the far western part of Nepal near the Indian border. It portrays the life of people of a small community. Nayanraj Pandey has beautifully written the ups and downs of the main character. The characters have interesting names and all of them come with beautifully real character sets which you can picture easily.

3.Karnali Blues


“Karnali Blues” is the debut novel of a very acclaimed writer Buddhisagar. The book is known for the details and how beautifully he describes every scene and incident precisely with words. You will thoroughly enjoy the book. It is also set in the far western hilly part of Nepal and describes father-son, brother-sister relationship, friends etc in a very mesmerizing way.

4.Seto Dharti


Amar Nyaupane takes a very interesting subject and builds an amazing reading experience through his storytelling in “Seto Dharti”. “Seto Dharti” makes us think a lot and takes us on an emotional rollercoaster. It is about how a girl is married at a very small age. It vividly puts forward the thoughts going through the heart of the main character. The story is very intense and Amar Nyaupane’s writing will make you smile, cry all the way through the book.

5.Summer Love


Summer Love is one the most loved book in Nepali literature among the youths. Summer love found so many first time readers and has helped many young people to get into reading. It is of course a love story and Subin Bhattarai is a master at beautifully explaining tiny events that everyone can relate to from a love experience. You will smile a lot throughout the book and there are a few events that will make you take long breaths. Overall, it is a great book for starters and lovers of love stories.

[Note: This list is based on personal experiences.  We do not want to propose whether a book is worth reading or not and have no intentions to rate a book. Have a nice reading experience. Happy reading]