A writer’s perspective on Nepal’s book publishing industry

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Recently we had a chance to talk with Ujjwal Khadka, writer of Gabu’s Ethereal Universe. He shared with us his publishing experience and his perspective on the current state of book publishing in Nepal.

Ujjwal stated that to be a successful writer, you already have to be successful.  He elaborated that when you become a brand, you are more marketable and hence more likely to be published. Publishing is a business after all. In the context of Nepal, he shared that writers need literary agents who can help them connect with publishers and get their works published. This concept is very new in Nepal. The Nepalese book publishing market will continue to increase and the need for literary agents will definitely grow in the coming days.

Ujjwal suggested that Nepalese publishers should also be open to new writers and new voices. There is a growing number of young writers who are carving a name for themselves. For young writers, Ujjwal shared some helpful suggestions mainly read good books, work hard, do not get discouraged, do your research, build a personal brand value and attend literary events in Nepal.

If you are an aspiring writer or have published your book in Nepal, please do your share your thoughts and experiences in the comments.