Are you ready to experience Khusi?

Vijay Kumar Panday

Vijay Kumar Panday’s debut book ‘Khusi’ will be officially launched on Friday, September 12, 2014.  Khusi has been gaining quite a buzz.

Vijay Kumar wrote on his Twitter page “My first book ‘KHUSI’ wil be available in market from 12 September. More on my Facebook/ vijaykumarpanday.official”

Vijay Kumar’s website stated “‘Khushi’ is a beautiful book based on the writer’s memoirs, essays and portraits. Vijay Kumar, the most-watched talk show host of Nepal, inks his own life in this memorable work. The writer has touched almost every issue of human life, starting from alcoholism to power, money, sex and spirituality.”

Image source: Setopati
Some text from Vijay Kumar’s website


  1. i loved the book very much. especially his way of narration is awesome. but he could have done much more better if he had reviewed twice or thrice before the publication. a single sentence appear twice in some cases, and thepart called rivalry between publisher and auditor is felt boring with never ending paragraphs. it is a major part of the book but it could have been better if he had summarised it in two or three pages. otherwise hats off to bijay kumar for his marvelous masterpiece.

  2. book is interesting and realistic. However there may be print mistake about the participation of Narayan Gopal dai in author’s marriage party held in Mangsir 2048 B.S. In my memmory, Narayan Dai left this world in Mangsir 19, 2047 B.S.( Dec5, 1990).