Arrival of ‘Gorkhaki Chhori’

gorkhaki-chhori by Prajwal Parajuli

Prajwal Parajuly’s short story anthology ‘The Gurkha’s Daughter’ has been translated into Nepali and published with the title ‘Gorkhaki Chhori.’ The Nepalese translation is published by Nepalaya Publication and is currently in stores.

Nepalaya’s Kiran Shrestha was happy to share “we are trying to cater outstanding works designed in Nepali setting to Nepali readers.” ‘The Gurkha’s Daughter’ was translated into Nepali by Prajwal’s parents. Prajwal shared with us on Twitter that the translation took about a year.

The book was originally published by Quercus in 2013.

Some text and image from The Himalayan Times.