Brooklyn Launch of Yuyutsu Sharma’s Eternal Snow

The Brooklyn launch of Yuyutsu Sharma’s Eternal Snow will take place on Saturday Oct 21st including a workshop from 6pm-7pm at YogaSole.

Yuyutsu Sharma will share his experiences and recite mantras and prayers to evoke the Himalayan world, especially, Devataatma, a Sanskrit word for the Himalayas, meaning the place where Soul of the God lives. Yuyutsu will unravel the secrets of Himalayan spirituality, inducing the participants to write fresh poetry likely to be published in the second volume of Eternal Snow.

The Reading will be the The Brooklyn launch of “Eternal Snow:  A Worldwide Anthology of One Hundred Twenty-Five Poetic Intersections with Himalayan Poet Yuyutsu RD Sharma

Editors will share their experiences of editing this mammon anthology.

Select Poets include: David Austell, Kathleen D Gallagher, Ruth Danon, Carolyn Wells, Catherine Gigante-Brown, Jack Tar, Nancy R Lange, Bill Wolak, Robert Scotto, Michael Graves, Bari Falise,  Christi Shannon Kline, Dan Szczesny, Jack Tar, Marion Palm, Eugene Hyon, Patricia Carragon, Jan Garden Castro & others will read from the book.

Image source: YogaSole