Celebrating Bal Sahitya Mahotsav 2015

Rajesh Hamal at Bal Sahitya Mahotsav 2015

The first day of Children’s Literature Festival (Bal Sahitya Mahotsav 2015) saw hundreds of people enjoying the myraid activities happening at the Rato Bangala premises. Some major highlights from the first day include celebrity read aloud with Rajesh Hamal, “Every Which Way Up Everest” play and book launch, launch of Flying Kisses and other books, slam poetry among others.

“Every Which Way Up Everest” play and book launch saw a packed crowd in the auditorium. “Every Which Way Up Everest” is written by Kanak Mani Dixit and Diwakar Chettri. The young actors for the play did a commendable job and it was both delightful and humorous. After the play, the writer Kanak Mani Dixit shared a few words on his purpose of writing the book. Both writers also signed copies of the book at the book stall.

Celebrity read aloud with Rajesh Hamal saw a throng of people awaiting his arrival and when he did, Rajesh dai did not disappoint. He diligently and eloquently read a story on a leech. Suraj Singh Thakuri also read a story earlier in the day and his reading saw modest participation compared to Rajesh Hamal’s.

“Flying Kisses” by Aneel Bisht was launched in the afternoon and Rupa Joshi read some parts of the book in the auditorium. Books written and illustrated by Rato Bangala students were also launched at the session. Simultaneously, some powerful slam poetry performances were taking place in the outdoor stage area.

The Bal Sahitya Mahotsav (BSM) 2015 is free to attend for government school participants. For others, its Rs. 150 entry fee. The festival will also travel to Accham, Bajura, Kalikot and Mugu. The Bal Sahitya Mahotsav (BSM) 2015 team comprises of the Government of Nepal, UNICEF, World Education and Rato Bangala (School, Foundation and Kitab).

For the second day activities of Bal Sahitya Mahotsav 2015, please visit this link.