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Himali Sworharu is an online radio portal produced from New York City which features interviews, Nepali music and shares Nepalese community information.

Sahadev Poudel is the creator behind Himali Sworharu. We recently talked to him on his recent book “माटो र मन” . During that Twitter conversation, we talked to him about publishing from abroad, literary scene in the US, joys and challenges of self publishing among other things.

Sahadev is very active in the Nepalese literature community in New York City. Through his website, he has run some successful programs such as Katha Sansar~कथा संसार,सुन्ने कथाहरुको संग्रह, Jeeban Yatra Anubhab~जीबन यात्रा अनुभब,बिभिन्न व्यक्तित्वहरुको जीबन कथा उहाहरुकै स्वरमा, Srijanaka Swoharu~सृजनाका स्वरहरु,कविता,गीत,गज़ल, सके सम्म सर्जकहरुकै आवाजमा and Aaroh Abaroh to name a few.

Image source: Himali Sworharu website