‘Devkota : The Child of Fortune’ from Dreams Magazine

Dreams Magazine recently published a revealing article on Laxmi Prasad Devkota. The article is by Sewa Bhattarai in conversation with Padma Devkota (Laxmi Pd. Devkota’s son). Read the full article at http://mydreamsmag.com/article/devkota-the-child-of-fortune/

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Some excerpts from Sewa Bhattarai’s article:

My father was eccentric. You have to understand that to understand his writing. Sometimes he would be so engrossed in writing, he would not come to eat hours after the food was ready. He slept when he wanted, went where he pleased, gambled as he liked. He did not follow the clock. Sometimes he would be gone for days, and sometimes give away prized possessions. And yet, because we saw people come looking for him and respect him, we admired him as children. Naturally, for every child, their father is a hero.

In a book called Nepali Bhasa, Devkota wrote an essay of the same name, along with some other earliest linguists of Nepal. “If there is a universal language that can communicate to people of the world, we will learn it. But until then, our national language must be Nepali, because regional languages cannot reach out to wider audiences. We must develop regional languages along with the national languages, ignoring national language will come at a huge cost” he had said. Our leaders could just have read a few lines from this essay to make the people understand that the nation is not limited to a region.

If Devkota had just written the Munamadan, he would still be a great poet of Nepal. But he has given us so much more. There may be just as many younger writers influenced by his writing as with his personality. Jagdish Ghimire confessed that when he sits down to write, all he can think of is Devkota’s style, and tore away an entire Khandakavya. Poets like Bairagi Kainla, of the generation that immediately succeeded Devkota’s, told themselves and their contemporaries that their writing must be different from Devkota’s. So in a way, their writing, which consciously moved away from Devkota’s style, was influenced by Devkota as well. But a full study of the impact of his writing is yet to be carried out.

Read the full article at http://mydreamsmag.com/article/devkota-the-child-of-fortune/

Photographer: Santosh Raj Pathak
Historical (B/W) Image Source: Documentary on Mahakavi Laxmi Prasad Devkota by Yadav Kharel – See more at: http://mydreamsmag.com/article/devkota-the-child-of-fortune/#sthash.lLT3RtMe.dpuf