Dhruva Thapa’s ‘The Dream We Had Together’ Released

Dhruva Thapa's ‘The dream we had together’

Dhruva Thapa has released a poetry collection titled ‘The Dream We Had Together.’

Dhruva Thapa’s ‘The Dream We Had Together’ was officially launched on Sunday, July 12, 2015 at Hs Lordships restaurant in Berkeley, California. The poetry anthology has 40 selected English poems written between 2002 and 2015. Dhruva’s previous books include “Taste of the Himalayas” cookbook and Nepali poetry book “Dhruva Thapaka geet ra Kabitaharu.”

Jim Hughes, Ph.D., Writer and teacher consultant, Bay Area Writing Project said of the book “Reading the poems of Dhruva Thapa is being in the presence of a great heart – one just, generous, and sympathetic. One of his most powerful poems is about serving in the revolution. Sadly, he discovers that once they had won the war, the same suffering and injustices returned…. But he never gives up hope: ‘I am waiting for the moment / When the day passes / Without alarming the night…”. Similarly, Dr. Tika Lamsal, Department of Rhetoric and Language, University of San Francisco says Poet and Literary Journalist Dhruva Thapa’s collection of poems emerges as a notable contribution in the horizon of Nepali Diaspora Literature in North America.

Dhruva Thapa announced that sales from the books on the launch night will be donated to the victims of recent earthquakes in Nepal.

Image source: Dhruva Thapa