Dr. Raamesh Koirala’s Kopila Ashram launched

Kopila Ashram by Raamesh Koirala

FinePrint launched Dr. Raamesh Koirala’s new book, Kopila Ashram today.

Amidst a packed crowd inside the hall of Moksh, Dr. Raamesh Koirala’s second book was launched. Several speakers shared their thoughts on the book including Dr. Dipak Gyawali & Vijay Kumar. Dr. Dipak Gyawali spoke on the highest form of art which is tragedy, and genuine work of art cannot be erased by time. He also added that for a good work of art, one must treat it like a prince…you must allow it to speak to you first. He congratulated the writer for the novel. Vijay Kumar spoke on how the writer has finely presented the story and also commended on the structure of the book. FinePrint’s Niraj Bhari also shared a few words on the publication of the book. He was happy to announce that 10,000 copies of the book was printed.

Dr. Raamesh Koirala’s previous book was आमाको मुटु. It was also published by FinePrint.

Videos from this book launch are available on our YouTube page.