Dreams Magazine Launches “Bhavisyavani” Poetry Collection

Dreams Magazine had organized a poetry competition named “Bhavisyavani” last year. It was a very successful event with a lot of participants submitting their poems (200+). Details of : “Bhavisyavani” Poetry Competition here.

Dreams has officially launched the compilation of poems from the same competition as a book today at Bikalpa Art centre/cafe, Pulchowk. The title of the book has been kept the same “Bhavisyavani poetry collection.” At the book launch, the three winners of the competition recited their poems. We have limited copies of “Bhavisyavani, poetry collection”. Order your copy TODAY by calling 9849845820 or Email us at nepalibytes@gmail.com or Write to us in the comments below.

Dreams Magazine Poetry Collection Book Launch

A poet reciting his poem during “Bhavisyavani” Poetry Competition


  1. The real thing is that a poetry book is going to be launched and I have all goodwill for its success. There’s no proposal to launch a new magazine.

  2. Aju ji,
    We have limited copies of “Bhavisyavani, poetry collection.” Let us know if you want to buy a copy of the poetry collection.