Film Southasia 2013: What to expect

Film Southasia Catalog

The Festival of SouthAsian Documentaries is currently taking place in Kathmandu till October 6th. The four day festival, Film Southasia 2013 will see amazing documentaries from Nepal, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, India, Burma, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Documentaries from Nepal showing at Film Southasia 2013 will be The Story of Yomari, Who will be a Gurkha, and Playing with Nan. ‘The Story of Yomari’ is an exploration of the religious, symbolic and practical significance of ‘Yomari’, a Newari delicacy. ‘Who will be a Gurkha’ follows potential Gurkha candidates through the rigorous recruitment process for a coveted place in the British Army. ‘Playing with Nan’ is a story of 28-year-old Ram, who migrates to northern Japan to work in a Nepali restaurant, his daily life and family back home.

The films are being shown at QFX Kumari Cinema, Kamal Pokhari.

For a complete schedule and tickets, please visit Film Southasia’s website at

Image source: Film Southasia website