In Need of Editors


A thought provoking conversation took place over Twitter on the current context of book editors. Rabi Thapa, Manjushree Thapa, Subhash Ghimire, Sushma Joshi and Prawin Adhikari were in the conversation.

Rabi stated that “going by typos\structure of many novels pub in India, editing has long way to go!” On that, Manjushree stated “Sure. But there’s not a single English fiction books editor in Nepal.” Sushma added “Editors, publishers, marketers, book reviewers, graphic designers. We need them all.”

It’s an interesting conversation and yes editing has a long way to go in the context of Nepal. We need quality editors and publishers should also value a well edited work of fiction or non-fiction. Readers are becoming wary of typos and sentence structures. Some readers have been quick to point out the mistakes to the authors via social media, in person conversations etc. A well edited work would definitely be appreciated by the readers and publishers will reap its benefits.

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