ISBN process in the Nepalese context

Tribhuvan University Central Library

As a creator of an original work, you will need a ISBN (International Standard Book Number). ISBN is issued for publications such as book, cassette/CD, e-book, computer software, map, microfilm/microfiches and others.

In Nepal, getting the ISBN is a simple process. To get a ISBN, you have to go to Tribhuvan University Central Library located in Kirtipur. At the TU library, you can talk to Kamal Kayastha located in the ISBN section or Janardan Dhungana (D.D.S.C), Chief of Tribhuvan University Central Library. By paying 300 Rs, you will get an Application Form and the receipt.

In terms of the content of the Application Form, you will need to have the following ready:
Author/Editor Translator (Original Title/Author if any)
Name of Publisher
Year of Publication
Hard Bound/Paperback
Preli. Page
Textual page
Total pages
B/W or Color
Photos: B/W or Color
Applicant’s Name
Ph. No

You also need to submit one copy of the publication to the ISBN National Agency.

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  1. Do we need to register for a ISBN no. to publish a corporate magazines ? If yes I’d like to request the procedures and requirements of publishing a corporate magazine by under-graduate students.

    1. Sorry we don’t have knowledge about magazines. We will come back to you if we have any information!