Joys of novel writing with Buddhi Sagar and Kumar Nagarkoti

Buddhi Sagar and Kumar Nagarkoti event

Shilpee Theatre hosted a literary program titled “Joys of Novel Writing, Unusual conversation with Kumar Nagarkoti and Buddhi Sagar” on August 7th, 2015. During the conversation, the writers discussed about their upcoming novels Kumar Nagarkoti’s Mystica and Buddhi Sagar’s Firfire.

The authors shared their journey and experiences of writing their respective novels. Buddhi Sagar had more to say about the amount of hardwork and concentration it requires to accomplish writing a novel. He also mentioned his way of writing by designing plots and fitting characters into it. He also mentioned how some of the writers have their own kind of approach. Kumar Nagarkoti, famous for his own style had more to say about the flow with which he writes his fictions.

Image source: Yubaraj Ghimire Twitter page