Khagendra Lamichhane’s Fulani hits bookstores

Narayan Wagle wrote on his Twitter page: लेखक-कलाकार को ‘फुलानी’बारे कथा-कचहरी। उनले भने, म समाजका पात्रहरूबाट चरित्र टिप्छु, मिसमास पनि गर्छु।’

Khagendra Lamichhane new book Fulani

Khagendra Lamichhane’s Fulani was released on Saturday, May 28. Fulani is an anthology of seven short stories. Most of the stories, set in rural Nepal, reflect the rustic life invoking poverty and hardships its characters undergo. The stories reflect the socio-cultural, economic and psychological status of people from the period of the re-establishment of democracy in 1990 till date.

Fulani is published by BookHill Publications.

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