Khagendra Sangraula’s Balyakalka Padchapharu book launch

Khagendra Sangraula's Balyakalka Padchapharu

Khagendra Sangraula’s new book “Balyakalka Padchapharu” will launch tomorrow, May 28th, 2014 at Pravachan Kakshya, Nepal Academy, Kamaladi. The speakers at the book launch will be Abhi Subedi, CK Lal and Uppendra Subba.

Ajit Baral of FinePrint publication recently wrote on his Facebook page “Khagendra Sangraula is by far the most polished Nepali writer with a very distinctive voice.”

Khagendra Sangraula’s new book “Balyakalka Padchapharu” is published by FinePrint. The book launch starts at 3pm.

Image source: Ajit Baral Facebook page