Launch of Rabindra Mishraka Kabita on March 7

Rabindra Mishraka kavita

Rabindra Mishra will unveil ‘Rabindra Mishraka Kabita’, an anthology of poetry on March 7 or Falgun 23 (Saturday) at 1pm at Pragya Pratisthan, Kamaladi.

The collection has 54 poems penned by the author over different periods of time. The collection is grouped into three sections: Lahore, London, and Kathmandu with poems covering love and patriotism to spirituality and philosophy. Senior poet Manjul has appreciated Rabindra Mishra for the simplicity of his language and the fluent expression of the emotions and philosophy in his poems.

Royalty from the sale of ‘Rabindra Mishraka Kabita’ will go to the welfare of the impoverished Chepang community of Kanda, Chitwan, just like from his previous books—‘Bhumadhyarekha: Arthaheenatabhitra Artha Khoja’ and ‘Khana Pugos, Dina Pugos’. ‘Rabindra Mishraka Kabita’ is priced at Rs 198 and the poem collection is published by FinePrint.

Image source from Rabindra Mishra Facebook page
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