Leading media houses on future of print media

On the last day of Ncell Nepal Literature Festival 2013, a captivating session on print media took place. Titled “Future of print media”, the panelists were Akhilesh Upadhyay, Amit Dhakal and Rajendra Dahal and it was moderated by Rajneesh Bhandari.

There was good discussion on the current context of Nepal’s newspapers and how they are addressing the changing market scenario. Technology has changed the way how and when people view news. Nowadays anyone with a mobile phone and internet access can get news at the palm of their hands. They do not have to wait the next day to read it on the paper. These new dynamics bring considerable challenges and ample opportunities. The session was insightful because each panelist shared their perspective on how technology is making or not making an impact on their business. Towards the end of the session, Rajneesh took some questions from social media and the audience as well.

Setopati, Nepal’s Digital Newspaper has garnered a lot of attention and fans since its inception less than a year ago. As of today, they have already amassed 35,019 fans on Facebook and 200 subscribers on YouTube. Setopati.com is a good example of new media evolving with the changing times. It will be interesting to see how successful and relevant Setopati will become in the years ahead.