“Living with Autism” by Rajneesh Bhandari

Living with autism_Rajneesh Bhandari

Rajneesh Bhandari’s iPad book “Living With Autism” is all about autism—a lifelong neuro-developmental disorder and the way it has shaped the lives of hundreds and thousands of children and parents across globe including Nepal.

On the iTunes preview description page of the book, it states that “The United Nations has said that autism is growing as a global health crisis. But many people in Nepal yet don’t know about autism because of lack of awareness programs. It will look into these issues in five sections with the use of infographics, photos, video, text and social media element.”

The 16 pages book was published on June 13, 2012. It was self-published by Rajneesh Bhandari.

Image source: iTunes – Books – Living with Autism
Some text from iTunes preview page of Living with Autism