Mangalbare Discussion Series talks Prayogshala

Prayogshala_Martin Chautari

Martin Chautari’s Mangalbare Discussion Series for Tuesday, December 24, 2013 brought Sudheer Sharma, Bishnu Sapkota and Post Bahadur Basnet together for a book discussion on Sudheer Sharma’s Prayogshala: Nepali Sankraman ma Delhi, Darbar ra Maobadi.

Bishnu Sapkota and Post Bahadur Basnet each took about 15 minutes to describe their thoughts on Prayogshala. Some of the points they raised were how the book has shown the influence of India on Nepal, Nepal’s political situation, “cultural inferiority” of the general Nepali public and our political leaders among others. Attendees then asked various questions to both of them. Some of questions delved on the work of RAW (Research and Analysis) agents in Nepal, the latest CA elections, perceptions of the general Nepali public on India etc.

Towards the end, Sudheer Sharma shared a few words and clarified some issues that were raised in the discussion. He acknowledged that after the book had been written, readers have interpreted the content in the book in many different ways. He also added that out of the many factors, he decided to focus on the three important ones (Delhi, Darbar ra Maobadi). He believed that these three factors were the ones he had done the most research prior to writing the book so he chose to focus on them.

Overall it was a great discussion on a much talked about book in recent times.