NayanRaj Pandey’s “Yaar” Launched

FinePrint has released another book with Writer NayanRaj Pandey. The book is titled “Yaar”. During the launch, Ajit Baral of FinePrint expressed his happiness and also claimed that the book can be called first of a kind memoir dedicated to Friendship. Writer NayanRaj Pandey, During the launch, explained that “Yaar” was written very honestly about his close friends and events related to them.

“Yaar” is a memoir which includes life events of NayanRaj Pandey and his friends written in his own style which he is known and loved for. Early morning comments suggest that the book is very well written and the story flow is very smooth.

Here is a tweet from writer Brazesh Khanal :

Brazesh Khanal on Yaar
Brazesh Khanal on Yaar

The Book is available at leading bookstores and also online.
Marked Price: NRS 475 (Discounts Available)