Nepal Children’s Art Museum invokes creativity and self expression

Nepal Children’s Art Museum

Nepal Children’s Art Museum (NCAM) will officially launch their 1200 sq. ft. rooftop space in Hattisar in early 2014. The museum idea was conceived back in 2009 when Sneha Shrestha was writing a grant proposal for a project to provide sustainable resources to encourage literacy and let Nepali youth express their dreams through an educational and creative outlet.

NCAM’s mission is to encourage literacy, promote local artists, promote art, promote the Nepali language, encourage creativity in children and empower teens to become ambassadors for art. One of the ways NCAM wants to encourage literacy and to promote the Nepali language is through workshops. In those workshops, children will create letters and words in Nepali and appreciate more the uniqueness of the Nepali alphabet.

NCAM is bringing a fresh and creative space for children, aspiring artists and artists in Nepal. In a recent article on Dreams Magazine, Sneha stated that one of NCAM’s goals is to include art as part of children’s education in schools so this will hopefully be a step towards art education in Nepal. She also offered some advice for young Nepali artists – “Keep it original. Stay true to yourself and your work. That’s all I have to say really, and those are the key things to keep in mind.”

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Image source: Dreams Magazine/NCAM/Imagine Nation
Some text from NCAM’s website