Nisha Adhikari speaks at “Bishwa T-20 Cricketka Sarathiharu” book launch

Nepal Cricket Team at book launch

Nisha Adhikari shared a few words at “Bishwa T-20 Cricketka Sarathiharu” book launch on February 27th, 2014. She was very proud of the Nepal Cricket team’s accomplishments.

“Bishwa T-20 Cricketka Sarathiharu” is a publication of WEREAD (a brand of Kathalaya Publication). The book is a profile of all the cricket players who made it to the national team and made World Cup T-20 happen. Anil Shah was the Master of Ceremony for the book launch. Rajesh Hamal also shared his congratulations and best wishes to the team. Here are some words shared by a cricket fan.

“Bishwa T-20 Cricketka Sarathiharu” is written by Jagdish Pandey.