Poet and lyricist Basant Chaudhary performing in Colorado and Georgia

Basant Chaudhary poetic journey

Poet and lyricist Basant Chaudhary will be soon performing in Colorado and Georgia.

Recently Basant Chaudhary took part in the International Women’s Literary Feast held in New York. The aim of the two day International Women’s Literary Feast was to promote Nepali literature, art and culture and to encourage female Nepali litterateurs in the international arena. It was organized by International Nepali Literary Society.

More than 12 Nepali litterateurs and poets presented pieces from their literary creations at the inaugural ceremony. On the second day there was a conference on Nepali literature, along with the felicitation of some of the renowned Nepali litterateurs.

At the two day event, Basant Chaudhary was honored for promoting Nepali literature in the international arena. He had been on a musical journey titled ‘Bishwa Kavya Yatra,’ spreading the love for Nepali literature and music among Nepalis living in foreign countries. He will be in Colorado on March 8, 2014 and in Georgia on March 16.

Image source: Basant Chaudhary Fan Club Facebook page
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