Prawin Adhikari debuts with ‘The Vanishing Act’

The Vanishing Act Prawin Adhikari

‘The Vanishing Act’ is Prawin Adhikari’s debut novel and it comes out this month.

Samrat Upadhyay describes the book this way “These stories will take you from the waters of the Marshyangdi River to the California coast, from a mountain teahouse to a near-apocalyptic Kathmandu […] Prawin Adhikari’s range is strikingly wide, yet his gaze soft and penetrating. An engrossing debut.”

Set in the obscure village of Khaireni in central Nepal, in Kathmandu, and in California, the stories in The Vanishing Act carry a compelling sense of place and are illuminated by flashes of astonishing insight. This collection marks one of the most assured literary debuts from Nepal—and from the subcontinent—in recent years.

Prawin Adhikari has translated A Land of Our Own by Suvash Darnal, and Chapters, a collection of short stories by Amod Bhattarai, and has written a couple of feature films in Nepali. He is an assistant editor at La.Lit, the literary magazine. The Vanishing Act is published by Rupa Publications and is on sale for 146 rupees (25% off) on their website.

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Image source: Nayan P. Sindhuliya Twitter page


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