Sahayogi Haatharu’s book initiative

Sahayogi Haatharu is an initiative to collect books to set up libraries in community schools and localities in remote parts of Nepal.

Being from a remote area of Eastern Nepal, Limbu Manshi didn’t have the opportunity to read books outside of her school textbooks during her school days. She had to rely on newspapers, one channeled television and radio programs to know more about her community, country and the world. She is proud to be the first girl from her family to graduate and become an Engineer. She has not forgot how far she has come and donated most of the books which she thinks will be helpful for the students in her community. Thus, Limbu and her friends came up with Sahayogi Haatharu.

Sahayogi Haatharu’s team believes that their small act of kindness can have a big impact on the lives of others. They came up with the idea of establishing ‘books donating community’ which is dedicated to building and setting up libraries in remote schools of Nepal. They collect the donated books from donors and distribute it to the remote school libraries.

Contact or call Limbu Manshi (9814399067) or Suman Kunwar (9843631023) for book donation!