Sangri~La Books India Now Launched

Established in 2010, Sangri~La Books has been a leading publication house in Nepal. It recently launched the Sangri~La Books India imprint.

Sangri~La Books India will be a bridge between the writers of Nepali literature based in Nepal/India and their readers. Sangri~La Books India will also translate works of Nepali literature into English, Hindi and Bengali languages. Additionally, the publication house has plans to initiative art/literature/music events and workshops in the future. The first book from the new publishing house will be फुलाङ्गे (Phulange).

Published works from Sangri~La Books Nepal include बज्रजोगिनीको खजाना, जुर्मुराएको बखत, धम्बोझी, पाई, रानिवन, कैरन, ऐलानी, त्यो_समय, योगमाया, रोज्जा कविता, देशदृष्टि, कैरन to name a few.