Sanjeev’s take on Summer Love

Summer Love

I felt good in reading summer love by sitting in my balcony in the chilling winter season. A novel written by a youth writer for young generation. Its good that in Nepali literature also young writers are emerging who are writing the story of young people. I was very much impressed by the sharing of one young writer last week Mr Amar Neupane in my village Hansapur. He had explained how he wrote his novel “Seto Dharti”.

Summer love is story of Atit and Saya two representatives of young generation or better to say “Facebook generation” or “Skype generation”. The novel has shown how the young generations fall in love and the consequences. For most youths love is just a time pass and a status symbol among their other colleagues.But its not same for all. The writer has portrayed in a very well manner a true love of Atit to Saya. Written in very simple words, representing the characters resembling to day to day life the book has power to grab the readers and wont let them go without finishing the book. The chapters are so connected that after turning each page the reader feels like what would be next. The way writer has started the story and ended it is very fantastic. My best congratulations to Subin Bhattarai for bringing such fantastic book to the readers of young generation.

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Summer Love book image from Yes Kantipur