Save the Children introduces books with illustrations in Braille

Save the Children has taken a commending initiative and introduced books with illustrations in Braille for the visually impaired children.
Braille Fact Books Launch
23 fact books were launched in a programme at Lalitpur’s Namuna Machhindra School. The 23 fact books will be distributed throughout Nepal in all 97 resource classes in collaboration with Department of Education and Curriculum Development Centres. These books are available for visually impaired children between first and fifth grade.

The books are based on factual accounts of people, places, animals, things and events. Their subjects range from lifecycle of frogs, swimming lessons, earthquakes to famous personalities. Delailah Borja, Save the Children’s country director stated that the books were an attempt to ensure that visually impaired children have a chance to expand their knowledge and to make learning enjoyable. She added “As children with disabilities are deprived of many services including education, we must ensure that they receive all such services and provide them an opportunity to read for pleasure.”

To learn more about Save the Children, visit their website.