Suresh Pranjali debuts with ‘Tuin’

Tuin by Suresh Pranjali

Suresh Pranjali debuted his novel ‘Tuin’ at Moksh on Wednesday, February 19, 2014.

At the book launch, FinePrint’s Ajit Baral shared some words on the book. Ajit shared that he first received the pandulipi of Tuin about three years ago. Now after several edits, he was proud of what the novel has become in terms of the words, language and story.

Continuing on the tradition of launching books in unconventional ways, FinePrint invited Bishnu Sapkota to shed some light on Tuin. Bishnu Sapkota stated that the book does not have a hero as you might expect. He elaborated on the aesthetics and national narrative of the book. He also shared perspectives on the different elements of the book mainly the tragedies and name of the book.

Suresh Pranjali stated “I always wanted to touch the issue of People’s War and I wanted to write a different story about it. Thinking about an unlikely story, I thought about Jumla which has never been covered in this issue.”

Tuin is published by FinePrint. It costs 275.

For videos from the book launch, visit our YouTube page.

Some text from The Himalayan Times