Tribhuvan University Writing Center opens up

Tribhuvan University Writing Center
We’re very excited to hear about the Tribhuvan University Writing Center. The first ever writing center was established at TU by a group of MPHIL students dedicated and focused on helping students to grow more in the field of writing.

The writing center will be a unique gesture of the university that is dedicated to the students’ writings and their career as well. The center will be helping the fresh graduate students to write their course papers and the graduate students to write their thesis as well. It will hold individual consultations about course papers, thesis and will help clear any writing confusion of the students.

The TU writing center is composed of MPHIL students who have already done few writing courses outside the university and who have zest for writing and willingness to help their fellow friends as peer tutors in writing. The first team of the Writing Center include Chet, Deependra, Ujeena, Pritisha, Sweta, Khadananda and Deepak.

Stay updated with TU writing center in their website.

Image source: Sweta Gyanu Baniya Facebook page
Some text from Tribhuvan University Writing Center website