Twitter interview with Kenny Pandey

On August 10th at 8PM Est time, we had a Twitter interview with Kenny Pandey, writer of Other Side of Paradise. The hour long session comprised of questions related to the author’s first published book. Here’s a brief summary from that Twitter interview.

Through tweets, Kenny Pandey stated that the book Other Side of Paradise is about two fusion culture of America/Asia-Nepal. The American culture is represented by Linda and Pemba represented the culture of Nepal. He added that Asian youth including from Nepal believe that America is another side of paradise and when Americans go to Nepal, they see beautiful mountains and spectacular natural landscape and simple life style of the people believe that it is the paradise. This is the theme of the book.

The author added that the book is a memoir of himself who spent 37 years in Nepal and 35 years in America but presented in a fiction. He had started writing the book on January 8, 2015 and finished on December 28 and used only weekends. He further added that editing the work took a long time. Although this book is his first, he used to write articles in papers and magazines and had a weekly column on Fridays with Rising Nepal during 1970.

He shared that Sajha Publication will be bringing the Nepali version of Other Side of Paradise and should be in the market by next six months. Additionally, he would like to see the book translated in Japanese if it becomes popular. He is currently involved in the promotion and marketing of the book.

Lastly, when asked “where is Paradise for you since you have lived 37 years in Nepal and 35 years in US?” He stated “Paradise is a perception but for me, my paradise is in Nepal and Asia.”

The book is priced at Rs. 695 and the international version is $21.95. The book can be found at Vajra Books or other book stores in Kathmandu.