Value of ISBN for Nepali writers

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The ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is the global standard for identifying and locating books.

As stated in Tribhuvan University’s Central Library website “The objective of the international standard is to coordinate and standardize the international use of ISBN to uniquely identify on title or edition of a title published by one specific publisher.”

Writers from Nepal who want to reach a global audience have to get a ISBN for their published works. ISBN provides credibility and authenticiy of the published work. People residing abroad can locate the books easily with the ISBN. They can find the books through the ISBN and order them online or visit a book store and locate it using the ISBN. Organizations and colleges located abroad require books with ISBN for them to put in their shelves/library.

For more information on ISBN, the form to get an ISBN or contacting the Tribhuvan University’s Central Library, please visit Tribhuvan University’s Central Library’s website at

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